FaceAnyplace will revolutionize facial recognition

FaceAnyplace is an electronic static or portable device that uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces instantly, notifying via email or SMS. Everything happens in real-time.

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How is the device trained?

FaceAnyplace Trainer is software that installs on Windows 8 or 10 and is used to train faces on the device using only photos. In this way, we present an entirely new universe for facial recognition, due it is a revolutionary, secure, and reliable method (see next video).



Size: 251 MB

Operating systems: Windows 8,8.1,10 of 64 bits

Video streaming in real-time

FaceAnyplace allows you to process streaming video data in real-time to obtain information in seconds or minutes.

Instant notification

During live video streaming, if a trained face on the device is detected, an alert with the recognized individual’s information is sent in real-time via Email or SMS.